Skin and Plastic Surgery

Your primary physician may refer you to a surgeon if you have any “lumps or bumps” that need removal for either cosmetic or diagnostic purposes.

We also offer the expertise of a plastic surgeon for complex wounds and other reconstructive plastic surgery following cancer removal.

 We offer a team approach to handling difficult hernias that may involve skin remodeling, with one of our general surgeons working along side our plastic surgeon.

We specialize in skin remodeling after weight loss. 

 In addition, we can manage more complex cancer diagnoses of skin and soft tissue.

First Surgical Office Locations

Oakland Office
365 Hawthorne Ave, #101
Oakland, Ca 94609
Ph# 510-465-5523
Fax# 510-832-6061

Berkeley Office
2999 Regent St #700
Berkeley, Ca 94705
Ph# 510-486-0818
Fax# 510-486-0819

Hayward Office
27001 Calaroga Ave, #4
Hayward, Ca 94544
Ph# 510-732-5731
Fax# 510-732-5739

Chinatown Office
388 9th St #218B
Oakland, Ca 94607
Ph# 510-839-0298 
Fax# 510-839-4389

Bariatrics Office (Summit South)
3100 Summit St, #2600
Oakland, Ca 94609
Ph# 510-869-8972
Fax# 510-869-6989

Comprehensive Cancer Center
2001 Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
Ph# 510-204-1634
Fax# 510-204-5749