Disability Forms

Due to the high number of patient disability forms request  from  state disability and private disability insurance’s First Surgical Consultants has established a form fee for all additional, spouse,  partner, or caretaker (son, daughter, sister, brother , etc) leave forms, and all private disability insurance forms.

All California state disability insurance forms and extension forms: No Charge (this does not include California state paid leave for spouse or caretaker)
All Additional forms  that are subject to form fees are: private disability insurance, private life insurance forms, employer FMLA forms, employer spouse, partner, or caretaker family leave forms, union forms, all additional employer leave forms, and custom letters written by physician for time off request depending on the extent of the letter.

Please note: if you don’t qualify for California State disability insurance, because of your employment or plan on not applying for California state disability we will complete your employer disability forms at no charge, but any additional form will be subject to a fee.
For your convenience we have listed a link for California State Disability insurance application and California paid leave forms. 

DE-2501 - Claim for Disability Insurance Benefits

DE-2511 - Paid family leave.

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